NV Dems Central Committee Adopts Resolution In Support of the PRO Act

On Saturday, June 12, 2021, the Nevada State Democratic Party Central Committee adopted the below resolution in support of the PRO Act. A RESOLUTION in support of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which  provides a generational opportunity for the labor movement and serves as the cornerstone of the  AFL-CIO’s Workers First Agenda,   […]

NV Dems Host Roundtable with former Gov. Jerry Brown, NV Sen. Chris Brooks, and Nevada Activists

Yesterday, Nevada Democrats hosted a live streamed roundtable facilitated by Nevada State Senator Chris Brooks. The panelists included former California Governor Jerry Brown, Chispa Nevada Program Director Rudy Zamora, Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Paul Selberg, Nevada Conservation League Deputy Director Verna Mandez, and Moms Clean Air Force Nevada volunteer Cinthia Moore.  The panelists discussed […]

NV Dems Hit Back As Trump Spreads Lies and Endangers Nevadans’ Health During a Reckless Weekend in Nevada

This weekend, Trump recklessly endangered Nevadans by defying emergency state directives and holding in-person rallies, a move that contradicted his own White House Coronavirus Task Force’s recommendations.  Trump’s determination to flout public health experts and hold large, in-person rallies in Nevada, all while a pandemic rages, garnered national attention: New York Times: Trump Defies Nevada […]

NV Dems Statement on Trump’s Nevada Telerally

Ahead of Donald Trump’s scheduled telerally in Nevada today, Nevada Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement: “After spending four days congratulating himself on a job well done at last week’s Republican convention, Donald Trump is at it again with a telerally in Nevada today, where he will spew more lies and […]

As RNC Begins, Nevada Democrats and Community Leaders Call Out Trump’s Chaotic Presidency For Leaving Latino Families In Crisis

Yesterday, on the first night of the Republican National Convention, Nevada Democrats held a press call with Latino leaders and community members to discuss how Trump’s chaotic presidency has pushed Latino families into crisis. During the call, State Senator Yvanna Cancela and Assemblywoman Selena Torres joined Sebastian Cardenas, a DACA recipient, and Eddie Ramos, a […]

DNC Convention Roundup: “A More Perfect Union”

Last night, the Democratic National Convention relayed a truth Americans know all too well: for far too many, things were bad even before the pandemic. America is plagued by multiple epidemics. Racism, gun violence, poverty all existed before 2020. If we want to overcome injustice and violence, if we want to achieve real, transformative change […]

DNC Convention Roundup: “Uniting America”

Last night, the Democratic convention continued, extolling the theme of “Uniting America.” The night showcased the heart and soul of our country. Viewers learned more about Joe Biden, as well as the Democrats all over America who make up the party he represents.  The evening’s program displayed a bridge between the present and the future […]

DNC Convention Roundup: “We the People”

Last night, Democrats across the country kicked off a historic four day affair to unite around the critical task of electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November.  This week, Nevadans will be front and center during the convention. On night one, our very own Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto offered rousing remarks detailing the […]