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Nevada State Democratic Party Pledges to Accept the Final Vote Counts Upon Completion

NV Democratic Party officials urge Republicans, third party, and non-partisan candidates to join them in waiting for full vote counts before declaring winners

LAS VEGAS — Upon learning that election officials may not have the people power to count all of the 2022 Election hand-delivered paper ballots before Thursday, November 10, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer released the following statement:

“It’s unfortunate but understandable that we won’t be able to get complete election results tonight,” said Chair Whitmer. “This is the first major election year that Nevada has mailed paper ballots to every voter, and lots of people chose to vote using those ballots; it’s simply going to take a lot of human power to get those votes tallied, and the elections office is understaffed. Here at NV Dems Headquarters, we’re going to wait as patiently as we can to get the real numbers, and we hope our opponents do the same.”

“We have the utmost confidence in our local election officials here in Las Vegas, and I’m certain my fellow county chairs would say the same of their local officials,” added Clark County Democratic Party Chair Chris Roberts. “They are going to count the ballots accurately and it’s going to take a couple more days than usual. We’re in an era of 24-hour news mania and social media pundits calling races before the polls have even closed. It’s tough to wait for numbers, but it’s our responsibility to make sure that every single voter gets their ballot counted.”

“It was always a realistic possibility that Nevada’s election results would not be called on Election Day,” continued NV Dems Executive Director Matthew Fonken. “Nevada takes voting rights very seriously, and with voter protection options like universal paper ballots, extended early voting, multiple voting options, and ballot curing, you can’t just push a button and have the results pop out, but every single vote gets counted, and that’s what matters. We hope everyone joins us in our pledge to wait until the counts are final before we make tough calls.”