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Nevada State Democratic Party Recognizes Start of Native American Heritage Month

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada State Democratic Party released the following statement celebrating the start of Native American Heritage Month and recognizing the continued work for true justice for the first peoples of our country:

“Nevada is the traditional land of the Numu (Northern Paiute), the Nuwu (Southern Paiute), the Wa She Shu (Washoe), and the Newe (Western Shoshone),” said Nevada Dems Chair Judith Whitmer, “It remains home to four tribal communities and twenty-seven sovereign tribal nations. We recognize that no history of Nevada or the United States is complete without the story of the tribes and nations who first lived here, and who still live here.

“As Democrats, we understand that no acknowledgment is meaningful without action behind it. As we commemorate the ongoing fights that our Indigenous neighbors must still wage for justice and equality, we also commit ourselves to creating a country strong enough to grapple with the brutalities it was built upon and courageous enough to right the wrongs of the past.

“We continue to call for the development and expansion of Native education, the funding of a Native languages budget, and the continued empowerment of Native communities through the restoration of their traditional lands. We are proud to support the historic run of Mercedes Krause, the first Native American woman to run for congress in the history of our state. Support for Native American candidates and the issues facing their communities isn’t just long-awaited, it’s long overdue.

“Representation matters,” said Mercedes Krause, a dual citizen of the Oglala, Lakota nation and Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District. “We need to remember Native Heritage every day of the year, and celebrate the Native communities across Nevada that make our state beautiful.

“There’s still so much work to be done. Right now, Haaland v Bracken is waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court, with our sovereign rights and the protection of our children hanging in the balance of this case. It’s a reminder that the fight isn’t over, but here in Nevada, I’m proud to see attention finally being given to Native issues. When we lift up Indigenous communities, we lift up all Americans.”