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Nevada State Democratic Party Renews Call for Bold Climate Action in Face of Worldwide Crisis

LAS VEGAS — Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer released the following statement today, in the wake of the lethal heat wave sweeping Europe and compounding climate crises around the world:

“We have long passed the point where half-measures and compromises will work. Every month or two, there’s another record-breaking climate event or once-in-a-thousand-years meteorological phenomenon. Off-the-charts heat waves are not merely an inconvenience, solved with air conditioning and cold drinks – these heat waves will cause fresh water shortages, like those we are seeing in Nevada and other Western States, as well as widespread crop failures, which will lead to untold death and suffering, largely among the most vulnerable people.

“We cannot bury our heads in the sand and we certainly cannot be held hostage by a handful of members of our own party who place their Big Energy donors over their constituents. We need bold action now: major curbs on greenhouse gas emissions, significant investments in public sector institutions to mobilize resources, cleanup and mitigation efforts, especially in communities of color, who have been harmed the most by environmental pollution, and divestment from the flagrantly polluting military-industrial complex. I call on President Biden and Democrats in office everywhere to act now; there’s no time to waste.”