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WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Momentum Grows for Nevada to Host First in the Nation Primary

Nevada Democrats Pushing to Move Diverse, Accessible, Union-Strong Battleground State That Looks Like America to the Front of the Nominating Calendar for 2024 & Beyond

The Nevada State Democratic Party presented its application to the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee last week as momentum grows for a state that looks like America to host the First in the Nation primary in 2024 and beyond. Nevada’s successful presentation was the latest in “an aggressive push to not only stay in the early window but to jump into first place,” and it included a slickly produced promotional video” narrated by a diverse group of Nevada leaders and advocates. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Read more below about what Nevada leaders and the press are saying about Nevada’s bold push to hold the first primary next cycle:

@jkwhitmer3: Honored to be here in D.C. to share Nevada’s story and why we should be the First in the Nation Presidential primary. Our diversity represents America!

@CortezMasto: Nevada is a battleground state that looks and votes like America. Putting Nevada’s primaries first will make our party stronger. @TheDemocrats, let’s put Nevada first! #FITN

@SteveSisolak: In Nevada, we know our country works best when it works for everyone.

We’re one of the most diverse states, we’re union strong, & we consistently set pace on important issues. It’s because of this that Nevada is uniquely qualified to be first in the nation. #NevadaFirst #FITN

@RosenforNevada: Nevada is a diverse battleground with strong union representation and excellent voter access. Our electorate reflects the entire nation’s and provides a true test of electability – which is why Nevada needs to be first in choosing our party’s nominee. #NevadaFirst

@StevenHorsford: Nevada is a diverse, union-strong, battleground state. RT to tell  @TheDemocrats to put us first! #FITN

@SusieLeeNV: Nevada is a tried and true reflection of America’s diversity and is a leader for voting rights in our country. Our voters are battle born, eager to tackle our toughest issues and elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Nevadans matter, and we deserve to be first in the nation.

@dinatitus: Nevada is one of the most racially and economically diverse states in the union. We expanded voter access and we have a strong and engaged labor community. I proudly support the movement to make Nevada first in the nation in the Democratic presidential nominating calendar.

@LisaforNevada: Since 2008, Nevada has opened the doors for all people of color to have real access to presidential candidates like never before. If @TheDemocrats want a state that can uplift all voices and make our party and nation stronger, NV is the the perfect choice for #FITN primary.

@AaronDFordNV: Nevada is a highly competitive battleground state w/ fair & effective voting, and is the 3rd most racially diverse state in the NATION. We’re uniquely well-positioned to be the next #FITN presidential primary, & I encourage @TheDemocrats to support NV’s endeavor to become #FITN.

@ZConine: Nevada. It’s been first in our hearts for a while. Time to make it #FITN!  


@YvannaCancela: Honored to help make the case to the @DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee for Nevada to be first in the Presidential nominating contest. Our state’s diversity, geography, and voter access make it the right place for such an important status. 💪💪

@WillMcCurdyII: Today, I presented to the @DNC’s Rules & Bylaws Committee to make the case why Nevada should be the first primary in the nation. As one of the most diverse states in the nation, a majority-minority state, Nevada embodies the coalition Democrats strive to win nationwide. #FITN

@Nicole4Nevada: I’m proud to lead the nation’s first (& only!) majority female state legislature. Now the Silver State is ready for another important first: @TheDemocrats, it’s time to make Nevada the First in the Nation presidential primary in 2024! #FITN

@SteveYeagerNV: Which state should be #FITN? Nevada, of course. Our diverse electorate reflects the nation as a whole. We are a battleground state. Oh, and we were the first to have a female majority Legislature in the country. The list goes on, but the case is clear. #NVLeg 


@rochellenguyen: Nevada is the 3rd-most diverse state in America, including a rapidly growing AAPI community. We’re also union-strong & a model for voting rights. If @TheDemocrats want a state that lifts up all voices in our party, Nevada is the perfect choice for #FITN primary.

@votereese: NV is a diverse and representative state and should be FIRST in the nation to vote in the primary. Where we go, others can follow. Battle Born means just that – we can be the test for viability elsewhere! #FITN @WashoeDEMS @DNC @DemVictoryNV

@DanielCoronaNV: An electorate that looks like America ✅

Easy access to the polls ✅

Small/inexpensive media markets ✅

Democratic trifecta ✅

Las Vegas Strip/Tahoe/Rubies ✅

It really is a no brainer, it’s time for First in the West to be First in the Nation!!

@tsegerblom: today Nevada Democrats are asking the DNC to make Nevada the First in the Nation Primary in 2024 – go @CommishMcCurdy and other presenters go!

@nvassemblydems: As a highly competitive battleground state with strong union membership, a unique, diverse electorate, and the first and only majority women legislature in the country, Nevada deserves its place to be the First in the Nation Primary. #FITN @TheDemocrats

@YoungDemsNV: We’re also not the only ones who think our process should be changed. We need a better process that reflects the changes our country has undergone – that’s why we believe the Silver State should be first in the process, @TheDemocrats. #FITN

@rjlambe: We know that the state that goes first matters. It shapes the start of the primary and how the candidates spend their time and resources in the off-year. We believe it’s so important for the first state to look like America. #FITN

@mjoneslv: Moments like this remind me that @SenatorReid isn’t here to celebrate how far we’ve come, but I know he would be proud today.  “Legacy is planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”  #FITN #nevadafirst

@SomosVotantes: Winning an early primary should set the tone for the election, and Nevada’s diversity is reflective of our country’s. That’s why we say #NevadaFirst in the presidential primaries. #FITN

@AJentleson: Facing Latino erosion it’d be insane for Dems to lead off the 2024 calendar with a super-white state. We need to incentivize candidates to appeal to the entire coalition that will deliver victory in 2024. NV looks like that coalition (and is now a primary 😀). NV should go first.

@silverstateeq: Did you know that Nevada is a contender to be the First in the Nation during the 2024 democratic presidential nomination process? We are proud to support those leading the way to bring this to Nevada. #FITN #silverstateequality #equality #pridenevada @TheDemocrats


Another impending showdown comes out of the race to be first in the lineup. Nevada made an aggressive push to not only stay in the early window but to jump into first place. “The state that goes first matters. We all know it does,” said Rebecca Lambe, the Democratic strategist and longtime adviser to the late Sen. Harry Reid.

“It fundamentally shapes the start of the primary and how the candidates spend their time and resources in the off-year,” Lambe continued, “and that’s why we believe it’s so important for the first state to look like America.”

Nevada touted its broad racial diversity — an implicit shot at New Hampshire, which is 90 percent white. The lack of racial diversity in both Iowa and New Hampshire is a major reason why the DNC decided to reimagine the early state calendar.

USA Today:

State party officials from Nevada shared a slickly produced promotional video touting its broad diversity and voter access laws…

In their presentation to the committee Wednesday, Nevada officials repeatedly emphasized the state’s diversity.  


People of color represent a majority of Nevada’s population, which is the third-most diverse in the country, according to U.S. Census data. Iowa is the sixth-least diverse state in the country, and New Hampshire is the fourth-least diverse.  

Presenters highlighted Nevada’s voter access laws, which include same-day voter registration, two weeks of early voting and a universal vote by mail process. The group also touted the state’s decision to move from a caucus to a presidential primary, beginning in 2024.

New York Times: 

“Tradition is not a good enough reason to preserve the status quo,” said the narrators of Nevada’s video, as state officials bid to hold the first nominating contest. “Our country is changing. Our party is changing. The way we choose our nominee — that has to change, too.”


New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada are generally expected to remain as early states, though the process is fluid and the order is up for debate, with Nevada directly challenging New Hampshire’s position on the calendar, a move the Granite State is unlikely to take lightly.

Associated Press:

Nevada passed legislation last year switching from a caucus to a primary, and the state is pressing to go first. But that could mean displacing not only Iowa but also New Hampshire, another predominantly white state that currently votes second.

“It’s time that we have a primary process that isn’t stuck in the past and tradition for tradition’s sake,” Democratic strategist Rebecca Lambe told committee members. “We deserve a primary that honors the future of our party and the future of our country.”

Lambe and Nevada’s delegation trumpeted the state’s large Hispanic population, new laws allowing for easier voting and strong union membership. They also stressed Nevada’s status as a swing state, its geographic range from cities like Las Vegas to rural areas, and the fact that it has just two media markets.

The Nevada Independent: Nevada Democrats make their case to be the first-in-the-nation primary state

Nevada Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer and three other state Democrats made the case to national party officials Wednesday that the Silver State, with a diverse population, a swing-state nature and an ability to hold a fair contest, should hold the first presidential primary of the 2024 election cycle.

“Nevada represents the bright future of the Democratic Party,” Whitmer told the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) Wednesday. “As I hope you will see today, our strengths are uniquely aligned with the RBC’s goals in this process, whether it’s diversity, competitiveness, or feasibility, the answer is Nevada.” 

She also underscored the unity of the party behind the campaign.

“We’re united in this push as one team — the state party, our elected officials, our partners in labor and grassroots Democrats across Nevada,” Whitmer said. “We’re ready to be first, and we have the broad support we need to bring historic change to this primary process.”


The group’s presentation included a video that featured Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), the state’s first and only Latina U.S. Senator; Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV), vice chair of the Congressional Black Caucus; Astrid Silva, a nationally renowned immigration activist based in Nevada; and Frank Hawk, a Henderson resident who is president of the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters.

“In this party, choosing a president to lead America should start with a state that looks like America,” the video said. “It’s time to admit: Tradition is not a good enough reason to preserve the status quo. Our country is changing. Our party is changing. The way we choose our nominee — that has to change, too.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevada bids to be 1st in US presidential primary election

WASHINGTON — Nevada made its case to a Democratic National Committee panel Wednesday that the state should hold the first in the nation presidential primary, a move that would increase the Silver State’s clout in selecting a White House nominee.

Nevada officials hammered home its argument that the state should lead off Democratic presidential contests in 2024 due to racial diversity, urban and rural populations and a strong organized labor movement.

“We’re ready to be first, and we have the broad support we need to bring historic change to this primary process,” said Judith Whitmer, the Nevada State Democratic Party chairwoman.

Cancela said Nevada has “some of the most voter-friendly laws in the country.”

“Bottom line: no other state competing for first can match Nevada’s commitment to voter access,” Cancela said.


“Many states this week are going to make claims about their diversity,” McCurdy told the DNC panel. “We are a majority-minority state, the third most diverse state in the country. We are a microcosm of the country, and a reflection of America’s present and future.”

KLAS: Nevada Democrats make case to become first-in-the-nation presidential primary state

Iowa and New Hampshire contests have been criticized because both states are overwhelmingly white…

By contrast, more than half of Nevada is non-white, Clark County Commissioner William McCurdy said during Wednesday’s presentation. Nevada is the third-most-diverse state, he said.

“Nevada embodies the Democratic coalitions we will need to win national elections and we cannot allow our party to focus solely on tradition at the expense of real representation,” he said.

“We are ethnically diverse. We look like the rest of the nation,” Sen. Jacky Rosen, who worked on the campaign, previously told 8 News Now.