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Nevada State Democratic Party Celebrates 2022 State Convention

New resolutions include a condemnation of the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe vs. Wade

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada State Democratic Party released the following statement on its 2022 State Convention in Reno, Nevada:

“It is our pleasure to announce the resounding success of our 2022 State Convention, which took place in Reno this past Saturday on June 25. Our party is proud to have been joined by outstanding Democratic leaders from across our beautiful home state. Our gratitude goes out to the remarkable volunteers who helped us organize this event, and to our phenomenal special guests and speakers, including keynote speaker Representative Ro Khanna, who we shared this time with.

“We passed a number of resolutions, as well as a party platform, and Nevada’s Democrats came together with particular vigor to pass a resolution condemning the Supreme Court of the United States of America for ‘having so clearly and shamefully betrayed the trust of the American public, robbed countless Americans of their fundamental rights, and threatened the sanctity of a host of other inalienable freedoms’ and further resolved to commit itself ‘to the election of candidates dedicated to the protection of our reproductive rights in our state and the restoration of our rights in every state and territory of this nation.’

“Our work is never easy, and we recognize the importance of Democrats coming together to  celebrate our party’s accomplishments and encouraging each other as we prepare for the battles ahead. Our resolve has never been stronger and our commitment has never been deeper to delivering Nevada’s working people the change they deserve and a future worth fighting for.”