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Nevada State Democratic Party Condemns the Strike Down of Roe v. Wade, Commits to Defending Reproductive Rights

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada State Democratic Party released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the historic Roe v. Wade ruling:

“There are no words that can capture our outrage at this unconscionable ruling. For half a century, Roe v. Wade has not only protected the right of Americans to exercise control over their own bodies but has also served as a bulwark around countless individual liberties protecting the dignity and privacy of Americans. We condemn, without hesitation and without reservation, this truly despicable decision. We recognize it as one that has no basis in respect for the lives and rights of Americans, instead being the culmination of an effort by a minority to force their views upon the rest of this nation.

“Although we recognize that our rights to reproductive care are protected by Nevada laws, we are only too familiar with the Republicans’ tactics of making abortion effectively impossible through roadblocks, restrictions, and bureaucracy. Our party, our elected leaders and representatives, and our allies stand united in our commitment to defending not only the rights of Nevadans but the rights of the Americans who will soon be coming to our state in search of medical care. We will not cede a single seat to the Republicans seeking to bring these same cruel, regressive policies to Nevada.

“Nevada’s statehood was born out of the struggle for liberty, equality, and justice. Fearlessly standing for the rights of every American is more than our duty, it is our legacy. We call on our Democratic leaders at the Federal level to abolish the filibuster and protect reproductive rights through law. We call on every Nevadan to join us in condemning this ruling and supporting candidates fully dedicated to the defense of reproductive care in Nevada and the restoration of our rights in every state and territory in our nation.”