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2022 Voter Guides

This midterm election cycle will decide more than just the governance of our state over the next four years -it will test the legacy of our state as a stronghold for personal freedoms, equal rights, and the promise of a better future.

We’re fighting not just to preserve and expand our majorities but to defend the very democratic process that has served our state for the last 158 years. We know that we cannot allow extremism a foothold anywhere in our state -from the offices that represent us in Washington to the school board seats that shape our children’s’ education. These down ballot seats and nonpartisan races that often get the least attention are those that most impact our daily lives in Nevada.

Your Nevada State Democratic Party is more committed than ever to delivering wins up and down the ballot for the incredible candidates who have committed themselves to defending your rights and fighting for your future.

We are proud to offer the following recommendations for the courageous people who have dedicated themselves to true justice, equality, and prosperity for all Nevadans.

In Unity,
The Team at NV Dems