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The Nevada State Democratic Party Looks Forward to Robust Primary Season, Thoughtful Exchange of Ideas

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada State Democratic Party will not be endorsing any candidates in the Democratic primaries for the 2022 election cycle and will work hard to ensure that all candidates will have equal access to party resources and services. Chair Judith Whitmer said the following about this decision: 

“Democracy benefits from vigorous debate and a thoughtful exchange of ideas,” said NSDP Chair Judith Whitmer. “There are some really wonderful candidates who have already kicked off their campaigns in a number of races, and the State Party is working hard to encourage good folks to run up and down the ballot, in all 17 counties. There is no plan to endorse any individual candidate in the primary season. Rather, we are committed to a level playing field, where voters are empowered by being presented with a diversity of ideas and healthy, clean debate, and where candidates from all backgrounds can seek elected office with the same access to resources and assistance that even already-connected campaigns have.

“The Democratic Party is a big tent, and we cannot be afraid of new voices or new ideas—nor can we afford to ignore the wisdom of those who’ve been through the political ringer—in our quest to build a more just, safer, and healthier Nevada. In an era where our opposition has become dangerously single-minded in its ideology, our diversity continues to be our strength. Debate does not weaken us; it makes us much stronger, and I look forward to a clean and robust primary season where we can really get to the heart of the issues affecting Nevadans and make sure voters have the information they need to make good, informed choices.”