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Nevada State Democratic Party Statement in Honor of United States Veterans

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada State Democratic Party released the following in honor of the veterans of the United States Military on Veterans’ Day, 2021: 

“There is no better way to honor the service of Nevada’s estimated 220,000 veterans than to fight for policies that improve the lives and livelihoods of those that served. Whether this means ensuring the VA has the resources to guarantee high-quality healthcare, or by directly addressing Nevada’s estimated 970 unhoused veterans, as Democrats, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to support those that served,” said Dr. Sean Ryan Breckling, a veteran of the US Air Force and the chair of the NV Dems Veterans Caucus. “It is vital we continue to honor the service and sacrifice of all veterans by continuing to do everything we can to support candidates who will fight for veterans, and keep our nation out of harm’s way.”

“Nevada is home to over 200,000 veterans and thousands of active-duty personnel, and countless more military family members, each and every one of whom has a unique set of needs that it’s our job to identify and address,” said Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman, who served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. “It’s not enough to speak to veterans, even with the kindest words; we must also listen to what they have to say, to identify and address their needs as individuals and in the veterans community at large, and to work alongside them to make it happen. On this Veterans Day, I ask my fellow lawmakers to listen to the veterans in their lives, and be ready to come to the table to help deliver what they need. Let us honor those who fought for us abroad by fighting for them at home.”

“We send well wishes and heartfelt thanks to our veterans today, and we make the sincere pledge that we will continue the fight for real, actionable policies that ensure that our veterans are truly cared for,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer. “Lip service is the norm, but veterans in the United States have disproportionate rates of poverty, homelessness, and suicide rates—all of which can and must be solved with policy, not platitudes. As Democrats, we pledge to continue putting our gratitude into action, today and every day.”