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Nevada State Democratic Party Congratulates Teamsters on Win in Reno Bus Strike

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada State Democratic Party released the following statement today, congratulating the Reno bus drivers, members of Teamsters Local 533, on winning their demands after several weeks on strike:

“Workers have the right to be safe in their workplace, to earn a living and fair wage, and to be treated with dignity and respect,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer. “The Reno Teamsters have given us an excellent example of how organized people can beat even the most brutal corporate cost-cutting practices, while helping to preserve an important public good. Supporting the cause of organized labor has always been fundamental for the Democratic Party, and public transit is an essential part of an environmentally-friendly public policy, so watching the causes of labor, public goods, and even climate resilience come together was inspirational for all of us. We send both our congratulations and our most heartfelt thanks to the Reno bus drivers for their hard work and solidarity.”

Reno City Councilperson Jenny Brekhus added, “While I thought I had a strong knowledge about our region’s transit system, this understanding deepened while meeting and talking with drivers and system users during the strike.  Two things stand out to me: how undervalued the system is in terms of public dollar investment by this current generation of elected leaders, and how the drivers, many of whom are long time employees, are personally committed to the valuable public service that they provide.”