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Nevada State Democratic Party Stands With Haitian Migrants Against Brutality and Deportation

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada State Democratic Party stands in solidarity with the Haitian migrants at the border and vehemently opposes the violent tactics used against them, including physical assault and deportation.

“As a community, we are disturbed by the images and stories coming from Haitian migrants at the US-Mexico border,” said Jerry Castro-Cayetano, a Nevada Democratic Black Caucus member and a member of Nevada’s Afro-Caribbean community. “We demand an end to the mistreatment that these migrants are facing and expect the Biden Administration to provide the basic services, treatment and care for those who will likely be scarred by the terror inflicted upon them by members of Customs and Border Patrol. We must all come together to do the right thing and ensure that those seeking the American Dream are welcome to pursue it and make it a reality.”

“The Nevada Democratic Black Caucus (NDBC) stands with and supports the members of our family of Afro-Caribbean descent,” said NDBC Chair Edward Coleman. “The images we have seen over the past few days at the border are horrifying and rip open the unhealed wound of oppression all Black people face in this country. We collectively empathize with the pain and hardship our Haitian family members are experiencing and take this moment to speak in one collective voice to demand justice and an end to the inhumane immigration policies of this country.”