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Nevada State Democratic Party Stands in Support of the People of Louisiana and Mississippi After Hurricane Ida

LAS VEGAS — Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer released the following statement today regarding the devastation from Hurricane Ida in Louisiana and Mississippi:

“Our hearts go out to the people who found themselves in Hurricane Ida’s path yesterday and today. We commend the first responders who entered floodwaters to rescue their neighbors and all the unsung heroes who are now readying to help people get their lives back on track,” said Chair Whitmer.

“The fact that New Orleans’ new levee system held back the storm surge is great news; it shows us that investing in climate infrastructure is both the correct humanitarian and economic choice. However, we also saw that elsewhere, impoverished communities—largely communities of color—suffered from catastrophic flooding because of unbuilt or underbuilt levees, while low-income communities across the state still haven’t recovered from last year’s hurricanes. This shows how important it is that we approach climate change from a just transition framework, not only prioritizing sites of tourism and wealthy corporate properties, but making sure that working class people’s lives and homes are safe, particularly those people of color who are so often the front-line victims of climate disaster, be it flood, fire, or storm.”

“We are ready to help when and where we can from here in Nevada and will be exploring ways that we can be of service to the people of the Gulf Coast and offer support as they rebuild their homes and communities.”