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Nevada State Democratic Party Encourages Bold Action from President Biden and Congressional Democrats

Infrastructure, climate change, and the broader economy are inextricably linked and austerity politics is dangerous for working families.

LAS VEGAS — Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer issued this statement on Monday, June 28, urging President Biden and Congressional Democrats to hold firm and include the reconciliation package alongside the infrastructure deal.

“Nevada is heating up and drying up. Lake Mead and the Colorado River are at record lows, and the Hoover Dam itself is drier than it has been since it was constructed,” said Chair Whitmer. “We’re looking at a matter of years, not decades, before we can no longer rely on Lake Mead or the Hoover Dam for our drinking water or power. As these water levels drop, our farmers and our commercial fisheries are hurting, which means our small towns are hurting, and it’s only a matter of time before the same thing happens to our bigger cities. All of this comes on the heels of a global pandemic, which put huge pressure on our working families across the state and across the country.

“Despite what Senator McConnell says, infrastructure is not a ‘separate issue’ from jobs, daycare expansion, or environmental legislation, and splitting the American Families Plan from the infrastructure bill is an easy way to ensure that the latter won’t happen. We urge Democrats in Washington, D.C. to remember that infrastructure is not and cannot be separated from environmental issues or people’s livelihoods. Democrats have a mandate from the American people and should not let a façade of bipartisanship get in the way of the urgency that the situation demands.”