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Nevada Democratic Party Applauds Democratic Lawmakers in the Battle Born State for Their Commitment to Good Policy

LAS VEGAS, NV — Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer released the following statement about the end of the 2021 Nevada state legislative session, which ended a week ago today, and recent media coverage of the Nevada Republican Party:

“The Nevada Democratic Party once again applauds the ability of our Democratic lawmakers in both the Nevada legislature and the executive branch for their ability to work together across a range of ideologies and viewpoints in order to get work done for the people of Nevada,” Chair Whitmer said. “While the Nevada GOP spends their time contemplating whether to accept a violent, extremist terrorist organization within the ranks of its leadership, it is becoming clear that—whether it be on the national, state, or local level—the Republican party is more concerned with pandering to the base of a twice-impeached former President who lost the popular vote in two elections, than they are about passing any legislation that benefits everyday people.

“Despite the opposition to the will of the people of Nevada from those across the aisle, Democrats were able to come together and pass bills that move us a great deal further toward a more just, more equitable, and more promising future for everyone. Here at the Nevada Dems, we particularly applaud Governor Steve Sisolak, Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, and Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson.

“This powerhouse team, along with elected Democrats from around the state and tireless, thoughtful staff, not only held back the tide of anti-democracy and anti-pluralist laws that are sweeping state houses across the country, they pushed in the other direction:

  • Expanding voter rights (AB 121, AB 126, AB 321, AB 422, AB 432) where Republican-dominated states have restricted them 
  • Adding multicultural education and financial literacy to the social studies curriculum (AB 19) where Republican-dominated states have banned Critical Race Theory
  • Banning no-knock warrants and mandating annual mental health wellness checks for peace officers (SB 50, AB 336) while Republican-dominated states chip away at individual cities’ rights to divest from police departments and invest in mental health services
  • Replacing harmful and ableist language within the state code and banning racist mascots and sundown sirens (AB 421, AB 88) while Republicans elsewhere rail against racial justice and equality
  • Protecting local flora and fauna and allowing for a designation of dark-sky areas where stargazing is particularly astounding (AB 71, AB 171, SB 52) even while Republicans in other states push to plunder every natural resource they can find, no matter the consequences. 

“Democrats also boldly pushed forward bills to provide a public option for healthcare (AB420) and an energy omnibus bill (SB448) to tackle the challenges of climate change. We wholeheartedly support and celebrate those progressive victories. 

“It is truly a testament to the power of good, thoughtful, people-first policy and the commitment of Democrats from every corner of the state and every pole of our Big Tent that so many good bills have been passed this session. We look forward to getting the crew back together as soon as possible to finish some of what we have started, including abolishing the death penalty once and for all, but in the meantime, we are so proud of what Democrats have accomplished.”