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Nevada Democratic Party Applauds Progressive Legislation Passed During the 2021 Session

LAS VEGAS, NV — Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer released the following statement on Tuesday, June 01, 2021, applauding the work of Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson and the success of Democrats this legislative session and pushing for even bolder legislation in sessions to come.

“The bills introduced and passed this session offer pragmatic, progressive solutions that will immediately and directly impact the lives of Nevadans while building us into a stronger state,” Chair Whitmer said. “Thanks to these bold legislators—led by Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, who was integral in passing these substantial pieces of legislation—residents will now see Nevada’s mines taxed and millions of dollars of revenue directly benefiting education (AB-495), a pathway toward a public option for healthcare coverage (SB-420), a democratization of the process of choosing Presidential candidates with the move from a caucus to a primary and permanent mail-in balloting (AB-126 and AB-321, respectively), simple-but-powerful changes in driving law, with Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen’s bill to end decriminalization of minor traffic violations (AB-116) as well as a bill that will end debt-based license suspensions (SB-219). Last but certainly not least, we saw passage of State Senator Chris Brooks’ massive energy omnibus bill (SB-448), which will bring our power grid into the modern era, wean us off fossil fuels, and prevent countless disasters.

“All of Nevada wins with the passage of these bills, but it’s regular folks—no longer forced to struggle with unaffordable healthcare or worry about the under-funded schools that their kids have to go to—who win the most. This is just the start: a demonstration of the power of progressive policy and a great reminder of what we fight for here at the NV Dems, and why. The legislative accomplishments we have achieved this session pave the way for even more strong, bold, progressive policy, like death penalty abolition (AB-395), which we hope to see on the table in the special session in September. We are proud of our Democratic colleagues for what they’ve achieved and encourage them to keep pushing in the direction of people-first policies and smart growth.”