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Nevada Democratic Party Calls For Bold Action On Final Day Of Legislative Session

LAS VEGAS, NV — Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Judith Whitmer released the following statement on Friday, May 31, 2021, urging the state legislature to pass SB420 and ensure that Nevadan’s have a public option for the healthcare, SB448 to modernize the state’s energy infrastructure, and to immediately pass AB495, taxing corporate mines to fund public education.

“Now is the time for bold, decisive action. Nevadans know that a public option, a modernized energy infrastructure, and well-funded public education are critical in order for us to continue to lead the nation in smart growth,” Chair Whitmer said. “AB495 begins the process of taxing corporate, for-profit mines that have historically taken from the people of Nevada while giving very little in return, refusing to play their part in the social contract. It sets the precedent that Nevadans won’t be taken advantage of. Funding public education with the money is an important assertion of our number one priority: the education of our next generation.

“SB420 gives Nevada another chance to be a national leader in caring for our community and bolstering our future. More than 1 out of 5 Nevadans has some form of medical debt in collections; the number jumps to 1 out of 4 in communities of color. Healthcare is a human right and forcing people into debt for it doesn’t just stifle our economy, but creates a multi-generational hole from which many families can never truly recover.

“SB448 gives Nevada a chance to avoid the abject failures we’ve seen in other states as disasters hit their power grids. We need to make smart energy moves now so we don’t have to scramble in the future.

It’s time to lay the foundation for thoughtful growth that works for the people of Nevada; building a society that places our lives and well-being at the forefront of everything we do.”