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NV Dems Chair Judith Whitmer Throws Support Behind Revolutionizing Nevada’s Energy Grid

LAS VEGAS, NV—Judith Whitmer, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair, issued the following statement today, Monday, May 16, 2021, on the Omnibus Energy Bill (Senate Bill 448):

“The Nevada Democratic Party stands in full support of State Senator Chris Brooks and his Omnibus Energy Bill. From Las Vegas to Reno, Elko to Ely, Nevada is ready for a major update. Our electric grid is lagging behind, we spend billions importing fossil fuels from elsewhere, and we are frankly unprepared to meet the needs of our future. But we have the opportunity to invest billions of dollars in our communities while reaping the environmental rewards of a sustainable future, and it is crucial that we get all hands on deck to get it done.

Good jobs, healthy communities, and sustainable investment are key to Nevada’s future and this bill puts us solidly on that path. Just a few months ago, Texas gave us all a hard lesson in the desperate and immediate need for every state in the country to prioritize their energy infrastructure. State Senator Brooks’ bill aims to, among other things, increase energy storage and harden Nevada’s energy infrastructure, which will help us prevent a Texas-sized emergency, should a major disaster hit us. It also specifically seeks to invest in historically underserved communities, with both jobs and infrastructure, in order to promote equity and justice while decarbonizing our future.

With our sunny skies and substantial geothermal resources, Nevada is well-poised to develop modern, sustainable energy infrastructure, but our human resources also put us in a strong position. We have well-trained high-tech workers, strong unions, and world-class research and educational facilities. The bold, comprehensive steps that this Omnibus Bill will take to power up every corner of this state while mitigating economic and environmental harm from fossil fuels will make Nevada a national leader and a model to emulate.

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