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Kieckhefer Named Leader in National Republican’s Voter Suppression Effort

The Republican State Leadership Committee recently named Nevada Senator Ben Kieckhefer as a leader in their effort to pass restrictive and discriminatory voting legislation. Of course, they cloak this effort as a means to bolster election integrity and to increase voter confidence–something Republicans have themselves annihilated with their repeated false claims of widespread voter fraud. 

Republicans across the country continue to spread lies about the 2020 election and are turning their rhetoric into action by rolling back expansive voting measures and passing new, more restrictive legislation. While Sen. Kiekhefer has attempted to brand himself as moderate, this new designation makes clear he is an ally of national Republicans in their charge to limit voting rights. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“Republicans have caused irreparable damage to our democracy by perpetuating outrageously false claims of voter fraud with the cynical objective of using their false claims as a reason to pass undemocratic voter suppression laws across the country. While Senator Kieckhefer has attempted to portray himself as a reasonable moderate, the fact that he was designated as a leader of the national Republican group tasked with implementing widespread voter suppression laws shows that he is anything but that. If Senator Kieckhefer wants to earn the trust of Nevada voters and the moniker of ‘a reasonable moderate,’ he must denounce this commission and resign his leadership position.”