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Despite Bipartisan Popularity, Nevadans Still Don’t Know Where Republicans Stand on Stimulus Checks

Later today Congress is slated to vote on direct payments to Americans, yet Republicans seeking higher office haven’t told Nevadans whether they support this critical legislation. Recent polling shows an overwhelming majority of Americans and a majority of Republicans support stimulus checks.

As Rep. Mark Amodei plans his bid for governor and failed State Senate candidate April Becker runs for Congress, neither Republican has told Nevadans where they stand on getting their families much-needed relief. Amodei even went so far as voting to adjourn and leave Washington while his constituents continue to suffer the impact of this pandemic. Meanwhile, in just the first two weeks of session, Nevada Democrats already passed more than $600 million in relief for families and small businesses.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“We are closely approaching one year since the first presumed positive case of COVID 19 in Nevada, yet Republicans still won’t make clear where they stand on ensuring hardworking families get the relief they need. An overwhelming majority of Americans–including Trump voters–support stimulus checks. Nevadans deserve to know: Where do Mark Amodei and April Becker stand on legislation sending direct payments to Americans struggling to get by?”