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Clark County Commissioners Unanimously Approve Effort to Rename McCarran Airport for Former Senator Harry Reid

Today, Clark County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve renaming McCarran International Airport for former Senator Harry Reid. Excerpts from Commissioners’ remarks below:

Commissioner Tick Segerblom: “I want to address one of the concerns that has been raised about how this will be paid for. Let me be clear, no taxpayer money will be used for this effort. All expenses associated with re-naming with be paid for with 100% private donations … This also isn’t partisan. This has the support of Sig Rogich, Sands CEO and Miriam Adelson–these aren’t liberal Democrats.”

Commissioner Justin Jones: “We have come a long way in our work to ensure we protect our state, but let us never forget that it did not start with us. It started with Harry Reid. I am proud to cast my vote today to support the airport being renamed as a tribute to the work he has done for Nevada and a reminder that we must continue to fight the “Good Fight” for our community every day.”

Commissioner Ross Miller: “The broad base of support shows this is what our community really wants … McCarran’s views do not reflect our community’s standards. It matters what we name our airport to greet visitors … Senator Reid embodies the American Dream–he came from nothing and became one of the most powerful people in the world.”

Commissioner William McCurdy II: “We have to ask ourselves who we want to be. When I walk through the airport with my kid and he asks who McCarran is, I want to be able to tell him the truth about who McCarran was and the role I played in renaming the airport.”

Commissioner Michael Naft: “In my role with the anti-defamation league I believe we need to remove McCarran’s name from the airport … Senator Reid has played a historic role in the formation of our state and what we currently stand for.”

Commissioner James Gibson: “My family goes back a long way with Harry Reid … No one can dispute the good he’s done for the state of Nevada and the city of Henderson.”