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WATCH: Carrie Buck Commits to Election Fraud Bit

After creatively refusing to answer questions about baseless claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election just one week ago, Nevada Senator Carrie Buck has now fully committed to spreading these false claims–specifically, that upwards of a thousand deceased Nevadans voted in November. 

At a joint legislative operations hearing on elections yesterday, Buck–who won her own election by just a few hundred votes–questioned Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria about an alleged 1,500 dead Nevadans participating in the election, going so far as to claim she had a list of such names. 


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“Despite the contradiction her own close election poses, Senator Carrie Buck is spreading a dangerous lie that more than a thousand fraudulent votes were cast in 2020, and is insisting the Clark County Registrar wasn’t being truthful in refuting her claim. While Buck was lukewarm on this approach last week, it appears she’s now decided to follow the delusional path of the Nevada GOP by continuing to perpetuate false claims of voter fraud. While some Republicans have chosen to waste taxpayer dollars during their limited time in Carson City pursuing this nonexistent issue, Democrats are working hard to deliver on behalf of families and small businesses. Rather than chase conspiracies, Senator Buck should be more focused on helping her district recover from this pandemic.”