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NV Dems Respond to Court Ruling Denying Trump Lawsuit

In response to the court decision denying the Trump campaign and Nevada GOP’s suit to challenge Clark County’s mail ballot signature verification process, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement: 

“This isn’t the first time this election cycle that the courts have denied the Trump campaign’s baseless attempts to intervene in Nevada’s election. For the past year, Donald Trump and his emissaries in state have launched rhetorical and legal attacks to undermine voter confidence in our electoral process. Trump and the GOP have besmirched Governor Sisolak and state legislators for the simple act of standing up for voters and ensuring Nevadans feel empowered to exercise their sacred right to vote during this monumental election. Trump and his allies are attacking our election processes because they do not want to hear from the hardworking people of our state. They are terrified of finally facing the consequences of their disastrous four years in office. But Trump will not decide this election; the American people will. As Nevadans choose a new direction for our state and our country on Election Day, Nevada Democrats will continue to stand with the voters.”