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NV Dems Statement on 100k Recorded COVID Cases in Nevada

In response to Nevada reaching over 100k recorded cases of coronavirus, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“While Donald Trump assures us we are ‘rounding the corner’ on the pandemic, today, Nevada officially surpassed 100,000 recorded cases of coronavirus. This tragic milestone comes as cases of coronavirus surge in Nevada and across the country due to the Trump administration’s failed coronavirus response. Yet the White House is now waving the white flag, stating it will not ‘control the pandemic.’ Over these last eight months, Trump could have worked with states to deliver urgently-needed testing and personal protective equipment. He could have accepted our Governor’s request for national funding to aid Nevada’s COVID response. He could have uplifted and empowered the voices of science experts, rather than turn facts into a partisan issue. Instead, Trump did nothing and Nevada lost some 190,000 jobs and over 1,750 lives. It didn’t have to be this bad; but if we make our voices heard on Election Day, we can make it better. Nevadans have the opportunity to finally elect real allies — with a plan to contain coronavirus, create good-paying union jobs, and help our economy build back better — to the White House. On November 3rd, we have one more chance to secure a better future for our state and our country by voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”