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Ahead of Pence’s Reno Rally, NV Dems and DNC Chair Tom Perez Slam Trump’s Failed Pandemic Response for Hurting Communities of Color

Today, ahead of Mike Pence’s rally, the Nevada State Democratic Party hosted a press conference in Reno with DNC Chair Tom Perez, Nevada Democrats Native American Caucus Chair Brian Melendez, and Nevada Democratic National Committeeman Alex Goff to highlight how the Trump administration’s failed pandemic response has hurt Nevada’s communities of color. They also encouraged Nevadans to go to NevadaVotesEarly.com or NevadaVota.com to make their plan to vote for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot. 

DNC Chair Tom Perez: “This president has been such an abject failure on the coronavirus. And you look at here in Nevada, and the coronavirus has disproportionately touched communities of color, as it has across the country… And this president has no plan. He keeps telling us that we’re ‘rounding the corner.’ What corner is he referring to?… Mike Pence will be here today in Nevada … telling you that we’ve turned the corner on coronavirus, telling you that everything is going great… Nevada has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. At the end of the Obama-Biden administration, this economy in Nevada was humming.…[So] make sure you get out there and vote. Vote like your life depends on it, because quite frankly, it does. Our democracy depends on your vote.” 

Nevada Democrats Native American Caucus Chair Brian Melendez: “Mike Pence coming here in this particular moment is very alarming. Our tribal community has experienced much loss. My Aunt Jenny was the first person within our reservation to die from COVID-19. Knowing what we now know in October, what we know this administration knew in February, we could have saved my aunt’s life. We could have saved the lives of millions of Americans who’ve undergone hardship and struggle, who’ve had to cry and grieve alone… We encourage everyone to get out and vote. We know that Indian Country at large has always been historically marginalized. To survive, we must not go on with this current administration…We know what is at stake here affects all people — not just Tribal people — but Nevadans and the people in America…  Nothing the Trump administration has done has helped our people, enriched our people. I guarantee the Native vote will show up in 2020… we will not be silenced.”

Nevada Democratic National Committeeman Alex Goff: “I think today is a great day to highlight the failures of this administration on the same day that Pence comes to Northern Nevada and puts on another superspreader event. I remember as a Black person, four years ago, Trump making that comment, ‘what do you have to lose.’ Well, he’s answered that question thoroughly throughout his administration. [Trump’s] been clear now time and time again so we have to trust the fact that he nominated Amy Coney Barrett to take away the Affordable Care Act. That’s the goal. That would have massive and devastating effects on Nevadans. African Americans, Native Americans, and Latino Americans have been hit very hard by this COVID crisis. What’s clear is that we have the ability to change this. It’s in our hands. We have the opportunity to cast our ballot in a multitude of ways… It is important that we cast our ballot, make our voices heard, and send a solid rejection of the Trump’s administration attacks on our health care, and our voting rights.”