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NV Dems and AZ Dems Host Joint Press Call Highlighting Trump’s Failed Leadership Ahead of Laughlin/Bullhead City Rally

As Donald Trump holds a rally in Arizona billed to Nevadans at the Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport today, the Nevada State Democratic Party and Arizona State Democratic Party held a joint press conference denouncing Trump’s relentless attacks on health care and his surrender to the coronavirus crisis. 

During the call, Nevada health care advocate and cancer survivor Joe Merlino, who recently lost his mother to COVID, Nevada chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans member and breast cancer survivor Priscilla Maloney, Arizona resident and U.S. Army Veteran Signa Oliver, and Phoenix, Arizona small business owner Maggie Kerley outlined the stakes of this election and highlighted the devastating consequences of Trump’s failed leadership — from his surrender to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has crushed the economy and small businesses, to his attempts to rip away health care coverage from millions of families, while encouraging voters to make a plan and vote early:

Nevada Health Care Advocate and Cancer Survivor Joe Merlino, who recently lost his mother to COVID-19: 

“Trump says we’re rounding the corner of this disease. If rounding the corner means that 39 states now have an increase in cases and 41 have an increase in hospitalizations, well then I guess we’re rounding a corner but it’s not a very good one”

“Trump’s dancing on stage while I wish I could have one more dance with my mom… I wish I could spend another birthday, another Christmas with her. But I can’t because Trump did nothing … He denied and downplayed the virus, called it a hoax.” 

“So I’m telling everybody: Please get out and vote for Joe Biden. He believes in science, he’s not going to let people just die. He’s going to work with scientists to develop a plan to get this virus under control. And we can’t do anything until we get this virus under control … Get out there and vote … Do it for your mom and the millions of other moms who might be lost within the next few months if we don’t get Joe Biden [into office].” 

Member of the Nevada Chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans and Breast Cancer Survivor Priscilla Maloney: 

“Watching the Trump administration repeatedly try and attack the Affordable Care Act has been a four year nightmare. Like so many women in America, one in eight in fact, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband had just been laid off, not an uncommon American story… but we had the protections and comfort of knowing that key, critical provisions in the Affordable Care Act would help us out through this horrendous experience…” 

“Now, it’s amazing to me that Senate Republicans can find time to cram through a Supreme Court nominee [to overturn the Affordable Care Act] but they couldn’t find time to get COVID relief for you. Trump will leave you in the dark, cold and alone, when it comes to your health care and the health care of your loved ones and your family. So I am asking you to please get out and vote. Your health care is on the line.” 

U.S. Army Veteran and Goodyear, Arizona Resident Signa Oliver: 

“Because of the marked lack of leadership that Trump has exhibited over the last four years, I am calling upon all veterans to help save our nation. … COVID-19 is ravaging the nation right now. As veterans, we already have all types of health issues, including pre-existing conditions and comorbidities. His complete ineptitude in handling this virus is unthinkable. … Trump’s plan is to dismantle access to health care. As veterans, we might have access to health care, but many of our families don’t. Trump destroying the Affordable Care Act would impact all of us severely.”

Phoenix, Arizona Small Business Owner Maggie Kerley, whose business was impacted by the pandemic:  

“My business was shut down for seven weeks. I was seven weeks without income. This failed pandemic response has made everything worse. It didn’t have to be this bad. I shouldn’t be afraid to go to work, still, every day. … I wish Trump would step up and say everyone needs to wear a mask, protect each other, and keep everyone safe.” 

“My daughter was supposed to graduate – that’s a dream as a parent to see your child graduate, and she was robbed of that. I can’t see my mom because she’s afraid to have me come visit her. … I would encourage everyone to vote to help save this country. … I do think Joe Biden can bring us back together.”