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NV Dems Statement on Pence’s Announced Visit to Reno

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement in response to Mike Pence’s announced visit to Reno:

“Mike Pence is visiting Washoe County at a time when the county is experiencing record high coronavirus cases–much like several other states across the country. As head of the White House coronavirus task force, you would think Pence would have the wherewithal not to gather thousands at a superspreader event as cases surge in Reno. But this is par for the course for the Trump Administration: ignore the reality of this deadly virus for political gain while the American public pays the price. Pence, who penned an op-ed claiming the virus was under control more than four months ago, should be more focused on getting this virus under control and helping our economy recover. Instead, the Trump White House has admitted defeat on containing the pandemic while the Trump campaign is insistent on hosting a dangerous rally to re-elect a failed president. Nevadans have suffered long enough from the ineffectiveness of this White House and they will reject Trump and Pence once again at the ballot box.”