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NV Dems Respond to Trump’s Laughlin/Bullhead City Rally

In response to Donald Trump’s rally at Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport this Wednesday, Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“In yet another display of his backward priorities, on Wednesday, Donald Trump will hold a rally billed to Nevadans in Arizona. Despite Trump’s false claims that we are ‘rounding the corner’ on coronavirus, his visit coincides with surging numbers of coronavirus cases in Nevada and across the country, as his chief of staff admits the Administration has given up on controlling this pandemic. This is all while Trump and Republicans are investing their resources in ripping health care away from millions of Americans. After rushing through a nomination process, today, Senate Republicans are set to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, who will be the deciding vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Trump has imperiled Nevadans for far too long. In eight short days, Nevada voters will send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, leaders who will protect our health care and get this pandemic under control, to the White House.”