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Following Final Presidential Debate, Nevada Democrats Ready to Kick Trump Out of Office

Yesterday, Nevada voters tuned in to the final presidential debate to watch Donald Trump peddle the same lies we’ve heard for four years, while Joe Biden offered concrete plans to contain the pandemic, protect health care, and build our economy back better. In response, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“Last night confirmed what Nevadans already know: Donald Trump has no plan to contain the virus and he wants to ‘terminate’ the Affordable Care Act, which would threaten health care coverage for as many as 309,000 Nevadans. On the debate stage, Trump claimed that Americans are ‘learning to live’ with the coronavirus, even as cases are spiking in Nevada and working families continue to suffer as a result of Trump’s failing economy. Here’s the truth: while Nevadans are paying the price for Trump’s failures, Trump and Republicans are sabotaging coronavirus relief negotiations and pouring their energy into attacking our health care instead. Nevadans see right through Trump’s empty rhetoric and that’s why they’re casting their ballots in record numbers to elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ticket.” 

From Reno to Las Vegas, Nevadans showed up and showed out to support their future president: Joe Biden.


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“William McCurdy II, the Nevada Democratic Party Chairman said he was excited to hear Joe Biden speak. ‘We want to hear from our future president about his plan on how he will build back better,’”


“‘Trump said he hopes the Supreme Court will “end” the Affordable Care Act. That is why he and Republicans are rushing to confirm their Supreme Court nominee — to end a program that provides millions of Americans with health care, even as coronavirus cases are again surging in Nevada and across the country because of Trump’s incompetent pandemic response. We need a leader who will stop the divisiveness and get a handle on this pandemic. As we saw tonight, that leader is Joe Biden,’ said Reno Councilman Oscar Delgado.”


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“‘It was inspiring to hear Biden’s pieces, but it was also intense to watch how Trump totally disregarded the fact that climate change is real and that the administration has not done anything to combat it,’ said Geneva Wolfe, president of the University of Nevada, Reno Young Democrats.”