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As Trump Made Stops In Nevada, NV Dems Hit Back at the Ballot Box

Last weekend, in anticipation of Trump’s visit to Las Vegas and Carson City on Sunday, Nevada Democrats across the state slammed Trump’s ineffective coronavirus response and relentless attacks on health care all weekend long. As early in-person voting kicked off, Nevada Democrats called out Trump while encouraging Nevadans to use the power of the ballot box to move Nevada forward from Trump’s chaotic presidency.

On Friday, Senator Jacky Rosen, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II, and community leader Raquel Cruz-Juarez held a press conference to make clear what is at stake if Trump is not voted out of office: 

  • Las Vegas Sun: The line started forming at 4 a.m. for early voting in Las Vegas
    • “‘The state Democratic Party, meanwhile, held an event Friday with U.S. Sen. Jacky Rosen and state party Chairman William McCurdy II. Rosen said health care access is on the ballot, drawing attention to efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act that will soon go before the U.S. Supreme Court. ‘A week after this election, the Supreme Court will begin hearings on the ACA, including a requirement that inhibits insurance companies from discriminating against pre-existing conditions,’ Rosen said in a statement. ‘If Trump gets his way and overturns the ACA, 300,000 Nevadans could lose insurance coverage,’ Rosen said.” 

On Saturday, the first day of early in-person voting in Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak held a press conference hitting back at Trump’s planned visit: 

  • Las Vegas Review Journal: 1st day of early voting draws crowds in Clark County
    • “Sisolak encouraged voters to choose Biden over Trump, who will rally in Carson City on Sunday. ‘Tomorrow, Trump will visit our state once again,’ Sisolak said. ‘He’s here because he thinks he has a chance in Nevada. We have to show him that he doesn’t have a chance in Nevada.’ Sisolak said Democrats are ready to ‘fight like Hell’ for every vote in a state where elections are notoriously close. Four years of Donald Trump have devastated our state and our country,’ he said. “Nevadans simply can not afford another four years of Donald Trump.’”

On Sunday, as Trump pandered in Las Vegas, Senators Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez Masto – the first Latina elected to the U.S. Senate – met with voters at the East Las Vegas Community Center, where they denounced Trump’s abandonment of Latino communities in Nevada and across the country:

Later in the day, Nevada Democrats hit Trump as he staged a rally in Carson City:

  • KTVN: Nevada Democratic National Committeeman Alex Goff
    • “‘[Trump] continues to try to downplay the virus, and the fact is this — we’re not going to receive the best treatment and the best health care such as he did and he leaves so many of his supporters vulnerable.” In addition to coronavirus concerns, Goff also said the crowd that matters the most is the crowd that shows up to vote… “Nevada is an important state when it comes to presidential politics, Nevada is one of the few states where you certainly know that your vote matters and it’s always a contested state,’” said Alex Goff, Nevada Democratic National Committeeman.”
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal: Trump, with 200 congregants, attends church service in Las Vegas 
    • “In response to Trump’s statements at the rally, the Nevada Democratic Party released a statement from Democratic state Sen. Yvanna Cancela. ‘Donald Trump once again claimed the U.S. is ‘rounding the turn’ on coronavirus. As usual, Trump would rather lie to the public than tell them the truth,’ it read in part. ‘Here’s the truth: coronavirus cases are once again rising in Nevada and across the country due to Trump’s ineffective coronavirus response. While Trump rebuked science experts during today’s speech, Nevadans know, in order to move past this crisis, we need leaders in the White House who will listen to science and face hard truths. That is why Nevadans will vote Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into office this November.’”
  • KLAS:  President Trump holds rally in Carson City as early voting kicks off in Nevada
    • “State Senator and Biden Campaign Senior Adviser Yvanna Cancela told 8 News Now voters have the chance to change the direction of this country. Democrats are continuing to criticize the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout.”
    • “The Democratic National Committee even put these billboards across the state, including one not too far from Trump Tower, calling the administration a failure.”
    • “‘Joe Biden not only has a plan, he has the experience to make sure that we address both facets of the pandemic,’ State Senator Cancela said. ‘What Trump has done is a disservice to families across the country and especially here in Nevada.’”
  • KOLO: DNC Chair Perez Statement  
    • “The Nevada Democratic Party has released a response to the president’s rally in Carson City today. DNC Chair Tom Perez saying, quote, ‘As Trump arrives in state today, he’ll be greeted by the consequences of his failed record: hundreds of thousands of Nevadans out of jobs, working families struggling to make ends meet, and people who are frightened that trump will rip away their health care coverage in thendemic….The last needs right now is Trump dropping in to hold another rally to distract from his broken promises. With voting underway across Nevada, Trump’s political stunt today will remind voters exactly what they don’t like about him as they head to polls to hold him accountable for his failures.’”