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NV Dems Rural Caucus Chair Kimi Cole Calls Out Trump Ahead of His Visit to Carson City

As Donald Trump holds a rally in Carson City, Nevada, during the first weekend of early in-person voting, Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus Chair Kimi Cole released the following statement:

“There are only sixteen days until the election, and every day, Nevadans all across the state are exercising their sacred right to vote for a better future. Nevadans will use the power of the ballot box to elect leaders who can get our state and our country back on track. Today, Donald Trump will try to erase four years of chaos. He will say he has been great for our economy when, really, he was only great for the stock market and his billionaire friends. He will say we are ‘rounding the corner’ on coronavirus, when COVID-19 cases in the state and across the country are on the rise due to his ineffective handling of this crisis. But no matter how much Trump denies reality, Nevadans know the truth. While Trump delivers his tired remarks, Nevadans will be at the polls, making sure this is the last time Trump visits our state as president.”