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NV Dems Respond to Trump’s Carson City Rally

In response to the misinformation and boldfaced lies spouted by Donald Trump during his rally in Carson City today, Nevada State Senator Yvanna Cancela released the following statement:

“Today in Nevada, Donald Trump once again claimed the U.S. is ‘rounding the turn’ on coronavirus. As usual, Trump would rather lie to the public than tell them the truth. That’s exactly what he did in early February, when he admitted to intentionally downplaying the severity of coronavirus. Now, he’s lying again because he knows the truth will cost him his job. Here’s the truth: coronavirus cases are once again rising in Nevada and across the country due to Trump’s ineffective coronavirus response. While Trump rebuked science experts during today’s speech, Nevadans know, in order to move past this crisis, we need leaders in the White House who will listen to science and face hard truths. That is why Nevadans will vote Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into office this November.”