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Las Vegas Pastor: Trump Does Not Live Up to Our Values

As Donald Trump attends a local church service in Las Vegas this morning, Las Vegas faith leader Pastor Kelcey West released the following statement:

“Donald Trump may play devout while using the church for a photo op, but he does not carry the teachings of the church with him into the world. He publicly mocks displays of empathy and humility, and behind closed doors he derides communities of faith. As president, Trump’s policies exacerbate racial and economic injustices. His relentless attack on health care jeopardizes lives. Trump refuses to do the right thing and lead by example. He will not even acknowledge the effectiveness of masks in controlling coronavirus. As a result, people are dying unnecessarily. Trump does not live up to our Christian values, but as believers, we have a duty to live out those values in every avenue of our lives. That is why I and Nevadans across the state are voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; capable and compassionate leaders who will restore the soul of our nation.”