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On the First Day of In-Person Early Voting, Gov. Sisolak Highlights Voting Options, Slams Trump

On the first day of early in-person voting, Governor Steve Sisolak held a press conference prior to dropping off his ballot with his family in order to highlight the options Nevadans have to vote in this election. Sisolak emphasized the importance of having a plan and voting early, so Nevadans can make their voices heard in this critical election. 

As Donald Trump prepares to hold a rally in Carson City tomorrow, Sisolak slammed the president’s policy failures and urged Nevada voters to turn out early to prevent another four years of ineffective leadership:

“You have options when it comes to voting this year. You can be like us and drop off your mailed ballot at any dropbox location in your county, mail your ballot back like many Nevadans have already done, or, starting today, you can vote early in person. No matter how you vote–do it early,” said Governor Sisolak. “Tomorrow, Donald Trump will visit our state once again. He is here because he thinks he has a chance in Nevada. We have to show him he doesn’t have a chance in Nevada. Everything is on the line this election. Four years of Donald Trump has devastated our state and our country. Nevadans cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump.”