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Ahead of the First Day of In-Person Early Voting, NV Dems Lay Out the Case for Voting Early for Joe Biden

Yesterday, Senator Jacky Rosen, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II, and community leader Raquel Cruz-Juarez gathered with press in front of the “Soul of the Nation” bus to bring attention to the start of in-person early voting in Nevada. Starting tomorrow through October 30th, Nevadans will have the option to cast their ballot in-person, in addition to mailing their ballot back or dropping it off at a drop box location.

Senator Rosen, Chair McCurdy II, and Ms. Cruz-Juarez touted early signs of clear Democratic enthusiasm among Nevada voters and crystalized the reasons Nevadans are so invested in this election. After four disastrous years of Trump, Nevadans demand change.

“Democrats are outpacing Republicans among those who have returned mail ballots in Clark and in swing Washoe county. Statewide, we’re outpacing Republicans 2-1. Nevada Democrats are fired up and the energy level is only going up from here,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William II. “While Republicans may think they’re working hard to earn Nevadans’ vote, no one is working harder than NV Dems. We’re knocking on doors, sending text messages, and making phone calls because we know Nevada is a battleground and this race will be won by a field margin. We are using every tool in our arsenal to educate Nevada voters and turn them out. In 2020, we have the chance to elect leaders who will have our back at a time when we need it the most.” 

“I am voting for Joe Biden because I have witnessed the devastation Donald Trump has caused in my state and my community. Joe Biden has a plan to address and contain COVID-19,” said Las Vegas Community Leader Raquel Cruz-Juarez. “I am voting for Joe Biden because he has a plan to support and uplift the Latino community… Instead of offering a national strategy to contain this virus, Trump invests his resources in trying to rip health care away from millions of Americans, a move that would disproportionately impact coverage for Latinos. Though Trump and his surrogates now come to this state to court Latinos with roundtables and rallies, his policies reveal his real priorities.”

“I, like so many Nevadans, am so excited to elect and work with leaders who will finally put a stop to the relentless attacks on the ACA and instead expand coverage,” said Senator Jacky Rosen. “A week after this election, the Supreme Court will begin hearings on the ACA, including a requirement that inhibits insurance companies from discriminating against pre-existing conditions… If Trump gets his way and overturns the ACA, 300,000 Nevadans could lose insurance coverage. One thing is certain: Health care is on the ballot this November.”