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NV Dems Respond to Don Jr.’s Visit to Fallon, NV

Prior to Donald Trump Jr.’s campaign event in Fallon, Nevada, NV-02 congressional candidate Patricia Ackerman released the following statement:

“The Trump campaign can hold an event in our rural communities every day until Election Day and it still won’t change the truth about Trump: he has been no friend to Nevada’s farmers and ranchers. Due to Trump’s disastrous policies and reckless trade wars, hardworking farmers and ranchers are facing record bankruptcies, rising suicide rates, and plunging milk prices. On top of that, Trump’s corrupt recovery bailed out large, corporate farms while leaving small farmers behind. At every step of the way, Trump has failed to look out for Nevada’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities — and this fall, we will hold him accountable.” 

Background on Trump’s Broken Promises to Rural Nevada

Promise: Trump promised “to negotiate trade deals to protect our farmers, help them export their goods and make money doing it” [Trump, 2016].

Reality: Trump failed to look out for small farmers when distributing coronavirus relief funding in favor of large industrialized farms and foreign-owned operations. According to preliminary data, “the top 10 percent got over 60 percent of the pot, while the bottom 10 percent got just 0.26 percent. The top 10 percent of recipients got average payments of almost $95,000, while the bottom 10 percent averaged around $300.” 

Reality: Trump’s disastrous trade wars and tariffs are inflicting damage on Nevada farmers and ranchers, and threatening profits for Nevada’s $1 billion farming and ranching industries. 

Reality: According to Libby Lovig, the manager of Nevada Dairymen, a trade association of dairy farmers mostly based in Northern Nevada, Trump’s tariffs are taking a devastating toll on milk prices and threatening Nevada’s $170 million dairy industry. 

Reality: As a result of Trump’s failed policies and reckless trade wars, farmers are facing plunging incomes and a record high number of bankruptcies. In 2019, the United States endured an alarming spike in farm bankruptcies, which climbed nearly 24% over the previous year — the highest level since 2011, the year following the Great Recession. Under Trump, we can expect those numbers to continue to grow.  

Reality: In 2018, nearly 2,700 dairy farms in the US went under, and the crisis continues to devastate farmers nationwide. In 2019, US dairy exports to China declined over 50%.

Reality: Farmer suicides are on the rise and farmers report struggling to keep food on the table.  

Reality: Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has been callous toward the giant obstacles facing farmers, and even insulted dairy farmers as “whiners.” 

Reality: Trump’s relentless attacks on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are threatening health insurance for family farmers, and putting an even greater strain on an already inadequate rural health care system.