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NV Dems Respond to Don Jr.’s Las Vegas Campaign Event

Ahead of Donald Trump Jr.’s campaign event in Las Vegas this evening, Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“Don Jr. only sees Las Vegas from the vantage point of his father’s hotel, and no matter what he says today, Nevadans have experienced four years’ worth of failures revealing the Trump administration’s skewed priorities. Trump and his inner circle don’t understand the struggles of hardworking families in Nevada and that’s why this administration has failed to stand up for the workers who keep this city running. Trump is looking out for big corporations and his billionaire friends who run them, while looking down on the working families who are still reeling from his failures to get this virus under control. Nevadans deserve leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who will contain the pandemic and fight to build our economy back better than before.”