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NV Dems Statement on Ivanka Trump Visit to Las Vegas

In response to Ivanka Trump’s announced visit to Las Vegas this Monday, Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“Next week’s visit is proof that the Trump campaign is utterly disconnected from the challenges so many Nevadans are facing. While Ivanka drops in to Las Vegas, working families across Nevada are wondering how they will put food on the table and pay their bills because of Donald Trump’s failure to lead. Trump had no issue ignoring Nevadans as state leaders worked to acquire urgently-needed testing equipment. He had no problem denying our governor’s request for National Guard funding to aid Nevada’s COVID-19 response. But now, when the Trump campaign needs Nevadans’ votes, they’re desperately trying to distract from Trump’s ineffective leadership through empty campaign rhetoric. On Monday, Ivanka Trump will try to deny the reality Nevadans are currently living through. Millions of Nevadans are paying the price for Trump’s callous incompetence. Sending his campaign surrogates to lie in his stead will not make up for the utter neglect Trump has shown Nevada as president.”