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ICYMI: As Pence Visits Nevada, Local Leaders Condemn Trump Administration’s Failed Leadership and Disastrous Pandemic Response

Yesterday, as Mike Pence dropped into Nevada for a quick stop on the Boulder City Airport tarmac, local leaders blanketed the airwaves and print to denounce his and Trump’s failed leadership and disastrous mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has thrown Nevada families into crisis. See for yourself: 

Reno Gazette-Journal: Nevada lawmakers condemn Pence rally plan after suspected ‘superspreader’ White House event. “A ‘Make America Great Again’ rally starring Vice President Mike Pence in Boulder City Thursday may endanger Nevadans, according to Democrat lawmakers now condemning the Trump campaign’s southwest swing days after the president and more than a dozen White House insiders contracted COVID-19… ‘I am horrified by Mike Pence and this entire administration’s constant attempts to gaslight the American people and doubt the severity of this crisis,’ Nevada Sen. Yvanna Cancela said.” 

KSNV (NBC Las Vegas): Local Democrats welcome VP Pence with shrug, criticism. ‘I’m not sure where Mike Pence has been the last four years but how he describes what’s happened in our country is very different than what the facts show,” says Yvanna Cancella, a Nevada Biden campaign surrogate. She’s more excited about what will happen tomorrow: the campaign says former vice president Joe Biden will be here Friday…The Nevada Democratic Party says the administration has not implemented a national plan. It claims the President and Vice President have set a bad example. ‘They failed to act decisively, instead refusing for months to wear masks or encourage Americans to stay home,’ Democrats claim.” 

KTNV: “State Democrats say the vice president and the rest of the Trump administration have to answer for their handling of the pandemic. ‘They don’t have a plan to address the issues that we are facing here on the road with our small businesses and our front-line essential workers,” said Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy. He also says Joe Biden has the answers the current administration does not, and urges voters to look past their attacks. ‘They’re going to use tactics like dividing and conquering like lying to us and the president as you know has lied time and time again,’ McCurdy said.” 

KSNV: “Nevada Democrats were quick to criticize Pence’s appearance, with Sen. Jacky Rosen saying the Trump administration failed to contain the coronavirus outbreak. ‘Donald Trump and Mike Pence knew how dangerous the virus was and downplayed it anyway,’ Rosen said in a statement released by the Nevada State Democratic Party on Thursday. ‘They failed to provide a national response or vital federal resources like testing equipment and PPE to states that needed them the most, like Nevada.’” 

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “In response to the event, several Democratic state legislators criticized Pence and the Trump campaign for hosting an in-person event during the pandemic. ‘I am horrified by Mike Pence and this entire administration’s constant attempts to gaslight the American people and downplay the severity of this crisis,’ said state Sen. Yvanna Cancela, also an adviser for Biden’s campaign. ‘Nevadans deserve better than Trump and Pence’s failed leadership,’ state Sen. Mo Denis said. ‘That’s why, this November, we’ll reject them once again.’”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “During a DNC call with reporters before the debate, Nevada state Sen. Yvanna Cancela questioned whether Pence should visit after 1,600 Nevadans died from the virus. ‘It didn’t have to be that bad,’ she said of the state’s death toll and economic damage. Cancela recalled Trump’s remarks to the RJ before a rally in Henderson last month, in which he appeared unconcerned about any health risk to attendees. Pence, she argued, was following the same playbook by holding a rally in Boulder City.”