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Sen. Jacky Rosen: “Donald Trump and Mike Pence Failed Nevada”

As Vice President Mike Pence holds a campaign stop in Boulder City, Nevada, following last night’s Vice Presidential Debate, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen released the following statement calling out Donald Trump and Pence’s abysmal coronavirus response:

“Donald Trump and Mike Pence failed Nevada – one of the hardest hit states in the nation – by failing to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. The consequences of their failure continue to devastate our state. Donald Trump and Mike Pence knew how dangerous the virus was and downplayed it anyway. They failed to provide a national response or vital federal resources like testing equipment and PPE to states that needed them the most, like Nevada. This administration has instead focused their energy on trying to rip health care away from 23 million Americans, including 300,000 Nevadans. Last night, Senator Harris showed us that, under a Biden administration, Nevadans’ healthcare will be protected and that there is a plan to uplift all communities. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have a plan to unite America, get coronavirus under control, and build back a country that works for all working people.”