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As Pence Feeds Nevadans More Lies During Campaign Stop, NV Dems Set the Record Straight

After offering the American people lies and distortions at last night’s Vice Presidential Debate, Vice President Mike Pence parachuted into Boulder City today to feed Nevadans the same tired talking points. 

In response to the misinformation parratoted during Pence’s speech today, Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“Today, Mike Pence followed in his boss’s footsteps, endangering Nevadans for the sake of feeding them more lies. Pence boasted about the Trump administration’s coronavirus response, despite the fact that the United States has one of the highest coronavirus death tolls in the world. As Nevadans mourn the loss of loved ones, or worry over how they will pay rent or what they will do if the Trump administration succeeds in its attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Pence is focused on re-election. Trump and Pence abandoned the American people eight months ago, when they knowingly lied about the danger posed by COVID-19. The American people deserve leaders they can trust to get this crisis under control and unite our country. As our future vice president proved once again last night, those leaders are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”


Pence: You said yes to Trump in 2016, you will again in 2020

Reality: In 2016, Hillary Clinton won Nevada.

Pence: “We stood with those who serve, those who have served”

Reality: Multiple stories confirm Trump called military service members who died in combat “losers” and “suckers.” 

Reality: But it’s not just rhetoric. When confronted with clear evidence that Vladimir Putin was targeting our troops in Afghanistan with bounties on their heads, Donald Trump lied. Trump doesn’t just disparage our veterans, he failed to protect and care for our troops.

Pence: “Biden wants to raise taxes during a recession”

Reality: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000. 

Reality: Donald Trump and Mike Pence have reigned over one of the worst economic recessions in U.S. history.

Reality: Joe Biden has a plan to put the country back on track. Barack Obama and Joe Biden took office during what was then the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes – before the Trump Recession – and Joe Biden was instrumental in turning it around into the longest streak of private sector job growth in American history. 

Pence: “[Biden] would defund the police” 

Reality: This claim from the Trump campaign is a scare tactic, plain and simple. 

Reality: In fact, because the Trump administration withheld federal policing money from states and cities with “sanctuary” policies, Donald Trump is actually the one who has defunded the police.

Pence: “We’re slowing the spread, saving lives, and opening up America again”

Reality: Donald Trump and Mike Pence still haven’t implemented a national plan to get this pandemic under control. They failed to act decisively, instead refusing for months to wear masks or encourage Americans to stay home. 

Reality: Data shows thirty-six thousand lives could have been saved if social distancing had started earlier, but Trump was too busy tweeting about the need to “liberate” states with stay at home orders.  

Pence: “Trump [will] bring the economy back”

Reality: Trump has passed laws, like his 2017 tax scam, that put the interests of Wall Street above the interests of working people. Biden and Harris believe the economy is working well when it works for working people.