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Sen. Julia Ratti Blasts Donald Trump Jr. Visit to Sparks 

In response to Donald Trump Jr.’s visit to her senate district today, Nevada Senate Assistant Majority Leader Julia Ratti released the following statement:

“Don Jr.’s visit today is proof that the Trump campaign is completely out-of-touch with the challenges that Nevadans are facing. As working families worry over the future of their health care as a result of Trump’s relentless attacks on the Affordable Care Act, the Trump campaign is once again endangering Nevadans’ public health and safety. As nearly 200,000 Nevadans remain out of work due to Trump’s historic recession, the Trump campaign is holding a fundraising rally. And as voters look for leadership that will bring Americans together, the Trump campaign is spouting more divisive lies and empty rhetoric. It’s a slap in the face to Nevadans in Sparks and across the state. 

“Last night on the debate stage, Donald Trump failed to offer solutions that will address Nevadans’ most pressing concerns — from protecting our health care to bringing back jobs. In contrast, Joe Biden offered an antidote to Donald Trump’s toxic health care agenda, tanking economy, and failed leadership. This fall, the choice couldn’t be more clear. It’s time to turn the page on Trump and build our country back better by sending Joe Biden to the White House.”