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NV Dems Statement Following First Presidential Debate

In response to last night’s presidential debate, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“Yesterday, Nevadans saw one leader on the debate stage and one liar. After holding a largely maskless, indoor rally in Henderson just a few weeks ago that endangered public health, Trump once again demonstrated how little he cares about Nevadans last night when he falsely claimed his campaign had only held outdoor rallies since the pandemic.

“Trump couldn’t defend his record of putting millions of Americans out of work and trying to rip away health care coverage from working families so instead he resorted yet again to lies and empty rhetoric. On top of that, when offered the chance to disavow white supremacy, Trump refused. Here in Nevada, we know diversity is our greatest strength, and we will not stand for Trump’s politics of division. 

“In contrast, Joe Biden demonstrated the leadership and temperament that Nevadans are looking for. He spoke directly to families in Nevada and across the country and offered comprehensive solutions to our most pressing issues, from expanding access to quality health care to containing the pandemic and building back our economy. This fall, the choice couldn’t be more clear.”