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NV Dems Statement on Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

In response to the news that Donald Trump selected Amy Coney Barrett to fill the open Supreme Court seat in the wake of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“For Nevadans this fall, everything from immigrant rights to voting rights hangs in the balance, especially health care. From day one, Donald Trump has been hellbent on dismantling the ACA and ripping away health care coverage from millions of Americans. Four years later, after trying and failing to repeal the ACA in Congress, Trump and Republicans are still at it, jamming through a Supreme Court nomination less than five weeks before Election Day just to get their way. Nevada voters have already begun casting their ballots for president and their voices deserve to be heard. 

“Health care is on the ballot. Just one week after the election, the Supreme Court will hear Trump’s reckless attempt to tear down the ACA. Amy Coney Barrett would cast the deciding vote to invalidate the ACA, creating even more chaos and leaving more than 300,000 Nevadans without health care coverage in the middle of a pandemic. 

“Nevadans will not stand for it. In 2018, Nevada voters rejected health care discrimination by electing Democratic legislators who made permanent the ACA’s life-saving protections for 1.2 million Nevadans with pre-existing conditions. In 2020, Nevadans will once again reject Trump’s health care sabotage by electing leaders like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot who will protect and build on the ACA.”