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In Nevada, Trump’s Campaign As Ineffective As His Leadership

As Biden for President releases their Path to Victory memo in Nevada today, NV Dems outlined the Trump campaign’s failing strategy in the state, one based on lies and hypocrisy. 

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s campaign in Nevada is as ineffective as his leadership. Instead of addressing the challenges that Nevada’s hardworking families are facing in this moment of crisis, Trump made things worse at every turn by throwing our economy into a historic recession and relentlessly attacking health care even in the midst of a global pandemic. That’s why Trump and Republicans resorted to undermining the integrity of our election — he knows Nevada voters are fed up with his broken promises and lies, and will reject his toxic record otherwise. 

“While the Trump campaign and the NV GOP continue to flounder, NV Dems are organizing our communities and building a robust voter education program to elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot this fall.” 

Background on Trump’s Campaign of Lies in Nevada

Trump attempted to suppress voting in Nevada, launching a baseless lawsuit against Nevada’s expansive voting law. The lawsuit was dismissed by a judge this week due to a lack of standing. 

Trump admitted it himself: if more Nevadans vote thanks to the expanded voting options established in Assembly Bill 4, Republicans will lose.

That’s why, at every turn, Trump is attempting to sow distrust around our election integrity. But this week’s court ruling dismissed Trump’s litigious attempt to block Nevada’s voting expansion law.

The judge handing down the decision against Trump’s lawsuit stated Trump’s injunction, if implemented, would actually result in the elimination of voting safeguards for Nevada voters. 

In an attempt to undermine voter confidence, Trump repeatedly lies about our election processes and safeguards in Nevada.

Trump falsely claims that Nevada’s governor “controls” the dissemination of ballots in Nevada. In fact, our Republican Secretary of State conducts and oversees elections. 

Trump claims the only way he would lose Nevada is if the election is “rigged,” a term he repeatedly uses to sow fear, even as polls consistently show Biden up in Nevada and across the nation.

Trump has attacked Nevada’s election integrity since May, prior to our all-mail primary in June; an election our Secretary of State testified as having “no cases of voter fraud.

The Nevada GOP is following Trump’s lead, shaking the confidence of Nevada voters.

Nevada’s state Republican party sent mailers out across the state misleading voters in regards to their registration status.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign co-chair in Nevada, Adam Laxalt, makes baseless claims of Democratic voter fraud, all while he benefits from his connections to the current Republican administration, getting special treatment and care unavailable to Nevada’s working families. 

Trump endangered the health and safety of Nevadans by holding large, in-person rallies in the middle of a pandemic. 

When asked if he was concerned about coronavirus transmission, Trump said he was distanced from the crowd and therefore did not feel concerned. 

Of course, Trump did not extend that same safety measure to his own supporters, whom he encouraged to gather by the thousands, without enforcing our state’s mask mandate and blatantly disregarding his own White House recommendations to limit gatherings.