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Culinary Union Members Who Contracted Coronavirus Call Out Trump for Abandoning Essential Workers

Today, Dr. Jill Biden joined the Culinary Union for a virtual tour of their training center. The Culinary Union, a political force in Nevada with a majority membership of women and immigrants, work day in and day out to keep Las Vegas moving. As the pandemic took hold of the Las Vegas Strip, hospitality workers faced greater risk of exposure to the virus, but instead of protecting Nevada’s essential workers, the Trump administration rolled back critical labor protections and left workers without the resources they need to stay safe. While state leadership and the Culinary Union worked together to ensure workers have the necessary protections to do their work safely during the pandemic, federal support has been absent.

Culinary union members Stella Kalaoram, a room stylist at the Cosmopolitan, and Veronica Duncan-Bunkley, a porter at the Bellagio, both contracted coronavirus as a result of working during the pandemic. 

Culinary Union members Stella Kalaorom and Veronica Duncan-Bunkley released the following joint statement:

“Donald Trump’s disastrous pandemic response has left frontline workers defenseless. Instead of acting swiftly to contain the pandemic, Trump lied to the American people and intentionally downplayed the virus for months despite knowing how deadly it was. Trump has betrayed workers in Nevada and across the country — and he’s still playing politics with our lives. Under Trump’s watch, essential workers have been treated as if we’re dispensable. Even during a global pandemic, Trump’s backwards policies have given corporations a green light to give workers less protections, not more. Our lives and our livelihoods depend on getting this virus under control. Working families can’t afford another four years of Trump’s chaos. We need leaders who will stand up for working people in the White House, and fight for the workplace protections we deserve. That’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”