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NV Dems Celebrate Mexican Independence Day Alongside Nevada’s Mexican-American Community

Today, NV Dems celebrate Mexican Independence Day alongside some 285,000 Nevadans who claim Mexican heritage. In Nevada, Mexican-Americans make up 78% of our Latino population, making September sixteenth an important day of celebration and reflection in the state. Though festivities look different this year, today offers an important opportunity to celebrate the richness of Nevada’s Mexican-American community. As an organization, the Nevada State Democratic Party commits to fighting for this community, as well as all Latinos living in the Silver State. 

The stakes for our Latino communities, and for all who call Nevada home, have never been higher. Our state is hurting because we have a president who places himself above the welfare of Nevadans. From the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump demonized Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. When he announced his presidential bid, Trump disparaged Mexican immigrants, painting them as criminals. As we celebrate today and recognize Hispanic Heritage all month long, we cannot forget the dire political consequences of having a president who proclaims immigrants are “invading” and “infesting” our country. Trump continuously refuses to offer the most basic recognition of human dignity to our immigrant communities. 

NV Dems commit to fighting the divisive atmosphere created by the current administration and we commit to working tirelessly in the next forty-eight days to elect leaders who recognize that Nevada and America’s strength lies in its diversity. As Latinos celebrate the independence anniversaries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Brazil, Mexico and Chile this month, we celebrate with you. And today, like every day, we work to create a better future for Nevada’s Latino communities and all communities who call Nevada home.