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NV Dems Build Off of Years of Latino Outreach in 2020 Election Homestretch


To: Interested Parties

From: Susana Cervantes, Nevada Coordinated Campaign Organizing Director

Date: September 15, 2020

Subject: NV Dems Build Off of Years of Latino Outreach in 2020 Election Homestretch

The Nevada State Democratic Party has long prioritized the voices of the Latino community. As the Latino population in Nevada grew to nearly one-third of our population and the Latino electorate grew by double digits over the past 10 years, engaging and mobilizing Latino voters has been an integral piece to Democrats’ success across the state. 

In 2010, Latino voters made up the margin of victory in former Senator Harry Reid’s re-election campaign, in Catherine Cortez Masto’s Senate bid and Hillary Clinton’s Nevada campaign in 2016, and again in Jacky Rosen’s campaign to unseat former Senator Dean Heller in 2018. In 2020, Latinos will be the second largest voting bloc in the country. 

Starting earlier than ever this cycle to reach Latino voters, NV Dems began hosting weekly bilingual and Spanish-language phonebanks more than a year ago, offered caucus materials in Spanish, and hosted Spanish-language caucus trainings. Following the primary, the state party expanded our multilingual, diverse organizing team nearly tenfold. We continue to offer twice weekly Spanish-language phonebanks, voter education materials in English and in Spanish, a Spanish-language voter education website, bilingual voter education messages from elected officials and community leaders, and a bilingual voter protection hotline. 

Since Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee in June, the Nevada Victory team has worked to bring in more Latino voices through staff hires and voter outreach. I, myself, have worked in Nevada in previous cycles, in 2012 during President Obama’s re-election campaign and with the state party during the 2018 midterm elections, and most recently on Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Nevada campaign. The coordinated campaign currently employs more than 20 bilingual organizers in order to ensure we have sufficient Spanish-speaking organizers and volunteers to talk to Nevadans in their preferred language.

With a strong history of mobilizing and turning out Latino voters, the Nevada Victory team will continue to prioritize engagement within this community to ensure success for Democrats in November. While Trump’s campaign peddles false promises to Latino voters, the truth is Latino families across the Silver State are fed up with Trump’s chaos and crises, and they’re ready to kick him out of the White House this fall. That’s why in the most recent survey of Nevada’s Latino voters, Biden is winning 3-1 against Trump. 

Trump’s tanking economy and disastrous pandemic response have further damaged his standing with Latino voters across the state. Just take a look at the number of Trump’s broken promises to Nevada’s Latino community:

Promise: In 2016, Trump promised Nevadans that he would be the “greatest champion” for the Latino community and would “fight to help millions of Latinos trapped in poverty.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Reno NV, 10/5/16] 

Reality: Trump’s failed pandemic response made the economic and public health fallout worse, particularly for Latinos, who are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus crisis.

  • In June 2020, unemployment for Latino workers hit 14.5%, and during the second quarter, Nevada’s Latino unemployment rate hit 30%. 
  • Meanwhile, the numbers of working Latino business owners dropped over 30% from February to April.  
  • Latinos make up roughly 30% of Nevada’s population but account for 40% of coronavirus cases 
  • In Nevada, Latinos are uninsured at one of the highest rates in the state, but Trump is still hell-bent on dismantling the Affordable Care Act and ripping away health care coverage from millions of Americans, right when they need it most
  • Trump failed to respond to the racial disparities being exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis. Data shows that Black, Latino, and Native American communities have been disproportionately hurt during the pandemic. Black and Latino residents are three times as likely to contract the virus than white residents, and twice as likely to die. 

Reality: Trump’s Failed Pandemic Response Put Latino Essential Workers In The Crosshairs of This Virus 

  • The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been largely absent during this pandemic — issuing unclear guidelines on keeping workers safe while allowing employers to get away with violations without consequence.

Reality: During the pandemic, Latino-owned small businesses closed at disproportionately high rates 

  • Latino-owned businesses suffered as the Trump administration botched the delivery of assistance to small businesses hurt by the coronavirus.
  • Thirty-two percent of Latino-owned businesses closed between February and April, compared to only seventeen percent of white-owned businesses. 
  • Meanwhile, one of Trump’s biggest economic priorities amid the coronavirus recession was a massive tax break for wealthy investors.

Reality: Latina unemployment skyrocketed during the coronavirus crisis, but Trump failed to take action 

Reality: Trump’s economic policies failed to help close the racial wealth gap, protect workers of color, or support businesses owned by Latinos and people of color.

  • Latino Americans were disproportionately left out of the benefits from Trump’s tax law in 2018. The average tax cut for Latino households was less than half that of the average white household. 
  • Trump’s budgets have called for steep cuts or the full elimination of the Minority Business Development Agency, a critical agency that helps promote the growth of businesses owned by people of color

Reality: Trump terrorized immigrant communities with his cruel immigration policies.

  • The Trump administration separated more than more than 5,000 migrant families at the border and put kids in cages, with no system to bring families back together.
  • Trump illegally rescinded the DACA program and sabotaged every bipartisan immigration deal that would have protected American Dreamers — including some 13,000 DACA recipients living in Nevada. 
  • After the Supreme Court blocked Trump’s attempt to end the Obama-era DACA program, the Trump administration announced it will not accept new applications.