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Across His Western Swing, Trump Endangers Americans by Ignoring Science

This week, as Kamala Harris traveled to California and Nevada to meet with community members impacted by the dual crises facing the country — climate change and coronavirus — Donald Trump continued to double down on his climate science denial and broken promises. As he visited Nevada, Arizona, and California, Trump hosted indoor rallies and dismissed established science on both coronavirus containment and climate change. In Nevada and Arizona, Trump encouraged thousands of his supporters to gather indoors. After Trump defied state officials in Nevada, who established emergency directives limiting in-person gatherings in an effort to control the spread of coronavirus, Trump rebuffed California’s state leadership, quipping, “It’ll start getting cooler, you just watch” and “I don’t think science knows” about climate change, during an environmental briefing. 

In response to Trump’s continued determination to risk American lives by refusing to listen to science experts, Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement: 

“Science is indifferent to political ideology. By choosing to ignore science, Trump is sabotaging America in not one, but two life-threatening global crises. In Nevada this weekend, Trump defied public health directives. Now, experts project another coronavirus surge in Nevada. But through his science denial, Trump is also endangering Nevadans’ future as we face yet another crisis. In addition to being deemed a coronavirus ‘red zone,’ Las Vegas is the fastest warming city in the country. Climate change is the greatest long term environmental, health, and security threat facing the United States. That’s why Nevada Democrats have taken the lead and passed legislation making our state a national leader on clean energy. During this pandemic, Trump’s refusal to heed science led to unnecessary American deaths. We cannot give him another four years to imperil Nevadans and mishandle yet another crisis.”

In 2019, when Democrats controlled both houses of the Nevada Legislature and the Governor’s mansion for the first time in 30 years, legislators passed bills addressing the climate crisis and making Nevada a national leader on clean energy. Legislators created a method for identifying ways for the state to reduce carbon emissions to zero or near-zero by 2050, increased Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to reach 50% by 2030, and built a community-based solar energy program. In addition, Governor Sisolak created the Office of Outdoor Recreation and joined the U.S. Climate Alliance.