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NV Dems Slam Trump as He Defies Health Experts, Holds Indoor Rally in Coronavirus ‘Red Zone’

In response to Trump’s indoor rally in Henderson tonight, Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“Because Donald Trump was too busy intentionally downplaying coronavirus to effectively lead during this global pandemic, Nevada state officials stepped up, took the guidance of medical professionals, and instituted directives to limit the spread of COVID-19. Now that state officials have filled Trump’s void in leadership and enacted public safety measures recommended by Trump’s own Coronavirus Task Force, Trump chooses to defy the law and threaten the progress Nevada has made in containing this deadly virus. By holding an indoor rally tonight, Trump willfully endangered Nevadans, all so he could spew lies to fan his own ego. Trump is criminally selfish. This November, Nevadans will reject Trump again and elect real leaders to the White House.”


Trump: “Biden will defund the police.”

Reality: The Trump campaign has spent millions of dollars to try to convince America of this lie. The truth is Biden has repeatedly disavowed calls for defunding the police while Trump introduced a budget that would have decreased funding for police. 

Trump: Biden would totally eradicate Nevada’s economy.” 

Reality: Donald Trump has the worst jobs numbers of any president in history. Nevada’s economy will not recover until coronavirus is under control. Joe Biden has a plan to address coronavirus and build our economy back better

Trump: Biden’s agenda is made in China.” 

Reality: Biden has a plan to ensure the future is made in America – by all Americans. Meanwhile, Trump lost his trade war with China, and few U.S. businesses say the trade war he started was worth it. Trump’s reckless trade war hurt farmers and his trade aid went to corporations instead of the family farms he promised to help.

Trump: “For the last four years I have been fighting for Hispanics.”

Reality: Trump’s failed pandemic response made the economic and public health fallout worse, particularly for Latinos, who are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus crisis. Throughout his presidency, Trump has terrorized immigrants and damaged the United States’ world standing by separating children from their families and locking them in cages. Meanwhile, Trump’s decision to terminate the DACA program put Dreamers’ future in limbo until the Supreme Court stepped in — including roughly 13,000 Dreamers who call Nevada home.

Trump: “Open up your state. You gotta open up your state. It’s all political.”

Reality: State officials have not shut Nevada down. The state is following White House guidelines to restrict the size of in-person gatherings.